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Hijri months

Hijri or lunar calendar is an Islamic calendar, which is determined by months based on the moon cycle with the emergence of the crescent begins with the month of the hijri and ends with the disappearance of the moon and the emergence of the new moon crescent, the number of months of the Islamic year 12 months and the number of days of the Islamic months vary between 29 to 30 days, there are some Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and the State of Morocco, which take the Hijri months as an official calendar in the official letters and there are some other countries that have taken the Gregorian calendar as an official calendar.

The order of the Hijri months in 1441

Ranking the month the description
1 Mohram The first month of the Hijri year, one of the most sacred months, was called Muharram because the Arabs before Islam forbade fighting there.
2 Safar The second Hijri month in the Hijri year, called zero by this name because the Arabs were going out to fight in this month and leave their homes zero or free of human beings.
3 Rabi al-Awwal This month coincided with the entry of the spring season.
4 Rabī’ al-Ākhir The fourth month in the Hijri months is named after the name of the previous Hijri month "Rabi I" and is also called in some countries Rabi II.
5 Jumada al-Ula The designation of this month, which is the fifth month of the Hijri months, came with the advent of winter and the freezing of water in various parts of the earth.
6 Jumada al-Akhirah Or, also known as Junho, Samina follows the month of Junho.
7 Rojab It is the seventh month in the ranking, the month of Rajab of the Sacred months and the meaning of the name is to stop fighting.
8 Shaban The eighth Hijri month in the order of the Hijri year, Sha'ban because the Arabs were scattered for the objectives of the war after their stay in the month of Rajab
9 Ramadan The holy month of Hijri, the month of fasting for Muslims, and the meaning of the word "Ramadan" any heat tightened where the name came this month in times of extreme heat.
10 Shawwal The tenth month In the Hijri year, the name of Shawal came because of the weakness of camel milk this month.
11 Zulqiddah It is one of the most sacred months, the month of Dhu al-Qa'da because the men were staying away from traveling and also fighting because it is haram
12 Zulhijjah Or the last month in the Hijri months and this name came because it is the month in which the rituals of the pilgrimage

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